Your Games, In Japan

At Amuzio, our goal is to support developers and publishers from around the world in bringing their games to Japan. We specialize in publishing for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for both digital and physical games.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Content Localization

English-Japanese Text TranslationWe deliver high quality translations so that Japanese users can enjoy games in Japanese just as they were meant to be enjoyed in their original language.

Voice-OverWe go through the complete process for voice-over, starting from casting and translation to recording to ensure that the Japanese voice acting is faithful to the original.

CERO RatingGames need an age rating from CERO to be published for the Japanese console market. We create the necessary documents and materials for the submission. We also offer advice on scenes in the game that may receive content warnings.

Console PublishingWe provide everything necessary for the console publishing process in Japan. We start from the very beginning with the product proposal and work together with you to the release of the product. For digital games, we create the necessary visuals for the digital store, and for physical games, we create the package and label design as well.

DebuggingWe offer debugging services following each console’s guidelines as well as for text and system bugs to guarantee the best possible final product.

Sales and Marketing

Visibility in Japanese mediaWe research the print and digital media most often used by Japanese users and focus on promoting games on these platforms.

Optimized Advertising and SEOWe target trending contents and keywords on social media for the most cost-effective web advertising.

Participation in Japanese ExhibitionsWe promote contents to users directly at Japanese exhibitions and events such as Tokyo Game Show.

Platform Holder InformationWe are always in contact with platform holders such as Nintendo and Sony for the latest information on the game market.

Distribution NetworkWe focus on expanding sales through integrating distribution market trends. We are based in Japan, but we can also help you publish your game throughout Asia through our wider distribution network.